Parallel universe at Camborne-Redruth

This week the Brexit Party had to drop a candidate who claimed that she was from the star Sirius, believed in elves, fairies and unicorns and that aliens were working with governments across the world. This was too much even by the standards of the Brexit Party. But it’s the tip of the iceberg. A growing sense of complete unreality seems to pervade the early days of this election.

Even putting aside the most inept and chaotic start to an election campaign by the Tories since, … err last time, we can find examples everywhere we look.

Take Camborne-Redruth. Here belief has to be suspended entirely when endangering your mental health by consulting the Facebook pages of local candidates. Last weekend the Liberal Democrats’ Florence, or Flossy, MacDonald was out and about at Mount Hawke. She met ‘an incredible number of people voting Lib Dem’. On Monday it was the turn of Porthtowan, where she was ‘overwhelmed by the level of support’ and the ‘incredible response’, with ‘so many people voting Lib Dem to stop the Brexit chaos’. It was a ‘magical evening’.

Full marks for breathless enthusiasm but Flossy looks in danger of peaking too soon and running out of hyperbole even before the nominations are in. I would caution her to calm down a bit, employ fewer exclamation marks and consider whether anyone called Flossy has ever been elected to Parliament. The omens are not good.

The Lib Dems in Camborne-Redruth only need another 20,122 votes to topple Farmer George from his seat. You’ll be more likely to spot a unicorn flying over Carn Brea.

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One thought on “Parallel universe at Camborne-Redruth

  1. Bernard you are a star… Thankyou… Where do they find these characters?

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