This site was born as a guide to the 2015 Westminster elections in Cornwall. When I began it, the media were rampaging around like a pack of ravenous and demented hounds in pursuit of a flock of scared Labour Party sheep. So not much change there then. The 2015 election was not marked by calm, sensible or reasoned analysis. You won’t find it here either. Instead, this site offers committed comment on politics in Cornwall and Cornish politics while aiming to provide a comprehensive gateway to the psephological facts and figures. Here you’ll find a view from the geographical and ideological periphery. As seen from London that is. From here it looks like the centre. The geographical focus is on Cornwall and the Cornish, the UK’s forgotten fifth nation. The ideological position is a non-tribal one from the libertarian, decentralist, green left of politics.

You have nothing to lose in reading it but your chains.


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