Derek Thomas: confusion on climate change

Good to see that St Ives’ Conservative MP Derek Thomas is back on message. Last week I was reliably (or perhaps unreliably) informed that he was heard on Radio Pasty trying to do the impossible by defending the Tory Government’s record on cuts to local government.

Now he’s given up that thankless task. A ‘keen environmentalist’, Derek tells us he’s ‘committed to ensure action is taken to cut harmful emissions and enhance nature. This is … essential for the future of our planet’. Sounds great. But wait. It seems there are one or two doubts about his own voting record in Parliament. For we find he has ‘consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change’, with ten votes against such measures and none for. In defending his actions Thomas claims the measures were not ‘value for money’. So what cost do the Tories think the future of the planet is worth?

Derek collects rubbish

Doubts remain about whether Conservatives, like many of their opponents, really understand the implications of climate breakdown. Or is this just the cynical Cummings/Johnson Tory election strategy in action? First, ignore, or even brazenly deny past actions. Second, promise to do the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing. Third, hope voters are sufficiently uninterested or distracted by Brexit to swallow this. Which on past evidence they probably will be. Classic.

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