Fear and loathing on the referendum trail 9: Remain 3, Brexit 0. No extra time required

I began by being fairly unenthusiastic about the EU and a referendum campaign that feels more like Big Brother. I’ve now convinced myself to vote Remain. This remains a Remain with reservations. Let’s not kid ourselves; the EU is no shining example of progressivism, it’s been captured by nation-state governments and neoliberal ideologues. However, we have to ask which option is the lesser evil. Which offers the better chance of democratic renewal in Cornwall and the UK generally? Which would be more likely to take action to decarbonise our economy? Finally, which is better for Cornwall in the long run? And the answer to all three questions is clearly Remain. I shall be voting in a spirit of scepticism. I don’t want a neoliberal EU and I don’t buy into the economistic, never-ending population growth, never-ending consumption, never-ending ‘growth’ scenario peddled by the political elite and the likes of Cameron and Osborne.

But I’m even less keen on being part of a Little England run by the likes of Farage, Johnson, Gove, assorted climate change deniers, austerity enthusiasts and neoliberals. Or for that matter five of the six political dwarves who in a collective fit of absence of sense, we voted in as our Cornish MPs last year. A surprising number of people seem to be thinking the same way. So let’s be EU-sceptic but pro-European. Let’s vote Remain and get this toxic issue out of the way. We can then get on with the serious stuff, like ridding ourselves of Cameron and the Tories, working with progressives in the rest of Europe to democratise the EU, organising for fair and equal treatment for Cornwall and its communities, and building an alternative to the neoliberal ideology that’s irresponsibly wrecking the planet in the interests of the 1%.


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