Corsica today, Cornwall in 2017?

I’m very glad to have been proved wrong (yet again!) in predicting the left would win the regional elections in Corsica. In fact yesterday the combined regionalist/nationalist list of Femu a Corsica/Corsica Libera swept to a historic victory in the second round of regional elections. The regionalists scored 35.3% of the vote, up from 29.4% in 2010. This was almost enough to give them an overall majority. As it stands they have 24 seats in the Corsican Assembly, out of 51. This is an increase from 15 in 2010.

The result in Corsica
The result in Corsica

In the region of Languedoc-Roussillon/Midi-Pyrenees the joint list of Socialists, Greens, Front de Gauche and Partit Occitan (PO) won the election, but I haven’t yet been able to confirm the presence of PO representatives among the successful candidates.

The overall results in France/Brittany were as follows

Second round results

Brittany France (1st round)
centre-left 51.4% 31.7% (37.5%)
centre-right 29.7% 40.6% (31.7%)
FN 18.9% 27.4% (27.7%)
Leading party by departement
Leading party by departement

Incidentally, how is it that almost all results in France down to commune level are known within two hours of the count whereas it can take up to 18 hours for counts to be completed in the UK?


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