The geography of Ukip

ukip cands locals 2015Ukip has managed a near 100% coverage of English, Welsh and Cornish seats in the general election. But the kippers’ strength on the ground has a geography and clearly varies from place to place. This map shows the proportion of the local council seats they’re contesting next week.

As might be expected, the Kippers are strong in the far south east – Kent and Essex – reflecting the scenes of their two by-election victories last year. In some other parts of the rural English deep south they’re equally busy, in particular Hampshire and Buckinghamshire. But their greatest effort is less predictably being made in the conurbations of the west Midlands, Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear, Greater Manchester and Merseyside. It’ll be interesting however to see how successful this reaching out to the northern urban population will be.

In south west England, Ukip is surprisingly much less active. They’re only contesting just over a quarter of available seats in Devon for example, which was one of their strongest areas in 2010 election. In Devon the Greens have managed to stand a slate of candidates for the locals which is almost twice as big as that of the Kippers. Is Ukip turning into a regional party for the south east of England?


2 thoughts on “The geography of Ukip

  1. the greens in Poole Dorset have fielded the greatest number of candidates of all the parties, but I am suspect of their legitimacy as genuine candidates (rather than paper candidates) The lady next door is standing, which seeing as she is disabled and gets around in a scooter (whilst having 3 dogs who get walks 3 times a week from paid dog walkers and make the environment totally evil for us to live in due to the smell of feces and urine in the flat corridor and garden) seems that her campaigning is going to be limited, and her impact on society if she does get elected is worrying.


  2. For some strange reason in the Pentire Ward of Newquay in Cornwall we have a very limited choice ~ The Green Party, Labour or a lady who has no political affiliation. I don’t particularly want any of them representing me on the Council, but I want to exercise my right to vote. It looks like I may have to vote the partyless lady and hope that she doesn’t have a hidden agenda!


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