Invisible candidate 2: Is Lisa Dolley really standing in Camborne and Redruth?

Some election sites, although not this one, are listing Lisa Dolley, Cornwall Councillor for Redruth North, as an Independent candidate in Camborne and Redruth for the General Election. Owner of a launderette, it’s not easy to identify the platform on which Lisa is standing. Since the announcement of her intention to stand a year ago nothing more has been heard from her.

Is she standing on very local grounds, having opposed the closure of Redruth fire station in her ward? And what does working ‘to ensure a better future for one and all’, so that everyone can enjoy a ‘decent standard of living’, quality jobs and new housing exactly mean in practice? Interestingly, on Cornwall Council Lisa Dolley has been relatively keen on housing development and the Council’s de facto population growth strategy. Which doesn’t do much to distinguish her from Tory, Labour and Lib Dem candidates in the constituency come to think of it.


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