Labour confusion. Candidates wanted urgently

In 2010 the Labour Party in Cornwall managed to get through four candidates in as many months preceding the election of that year. Looks similar this time around. Yesterday Hanna Toms, their local candidate for Truro & Falmouth, pulled out, citing ‘personal reasons‘. She’s also standing down as Leader of the Labour group on Cornwall Council although intending to remain as councillor for Falmouth Penwerris.

This was obviously a rather sudden decision as only a fortnight ago Hanna was reporting on facebook a ‘fabulous day’ canvassing. Labour supporters in Truro & Falmouth have plenty of other options however. Rik Evans of the National Health Action Party is an ex-member and less ambiguous on the NHS. Stephen Richardson of MK is a self-declared ‘socialist’. (Do they still have those in the Labour Party?) And there’s always the Green candidate.

Labour now have candidates in place for only three of the six Cornish seats. There’s reportedly a selection meeting for South East Cornwall coming up this Thursday. But no sign of a candidate at North Cornwall yet. Potential candidates are presumably not queueing up to be slaughtered in a constituency where Labour regularly scores its lowest vote in Britain.


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