The property developer, the Tories and the ear of Cameron

Simon Hoare is on his way to the Commons. Hoare was the spokesperson for Mercian Developments of Shrewsbury, the company that narrowly failed to foist a vast out-of -town retail park with supermarket, petrol station, restaurants, takeways and pubs, hotel and few hundred houses onto a green field site outside St Austell last year.


The West Oxfordshire District Councillor has now been selected as Tory candidate for North Dorset. With a 7,625 majority over the Lib Dems last time, this looks as near to a safe seat as you can find. Managing director of a PR agency specialising in poperty development, formerly working with Barratts and Persimmons anong others, and with his Oxford degree in Modern History, Hoare is a classic modern Tory, all PR and property. But even more so. He’s a member of David Cameron’s constituency council and ‘would hope to have his ear’. Bringing property developers even closer to the ear of government?! Any closer and poor David will be deaf as a post.

In a case of closing Tory ranks, Steve Double, Tory candidate for St Austell & Newquay, was very disappointed when Coyte Farm was turned down, seeing it as a ‘huge opportunity’ thrown away. Meanwhile, in another St Austell & Newquay connection, one of those who Hoare beat for the nomination was Caroline Righton, who stood in St Austell last time around. This can’t be the same former Radio Pasty journalist who memorably said in 2010 that ‘Cornwall is the only place I want to live and represent‘, can it? Or is it that another broken promise, torn up in the mad scramble to climb onto the gravy train?


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