The West Briton’s weird and wonderful election coverage

For sustained silliness and strangeness you don’t need to go much further these days than the West Briton. This week’s issue carried a feature under the heading ‘Close election race in constituency forecast’. It reported a poll, ‘revealing’ that there is a ‘tight three horse race’ in Camborne and Redruth. This was apparently ‘released by … Lord Ashcroft this week’.

Except that it wasn’t. It was actually taken in June last year and first released on the 19th of that month. This was rightly pointed out by Michael Foster, the Labour candidate, but buried halfway down the piece.

Latest state of the parties in Camborne-Redruth
State of the parties in Camborne-Redruth

Unfortunately for Michael however, there’s been another constituency poll since June. This was released by Survation on 27th November. It basically showed a similar position to Ashcroft’s, except that Labour had slipped back. Needless to say, Labour doesn’t particularly want to draw attention to that poll. While the hapless journalists at the West Briton seem blissfully unaware of it.

At the end of the piece those eager to read ‘the first of the West Briton’s Q and As with the candidates’ by following the advice to turn to page 39 were also bitterly disappointed. For there’s nothing at all about the election on page 39. Crowds of angry readers no doubt gathered outside the WB’s offices in Truro to complain.

Was this a joke, or some ludic postmodernism infecting the West Brit offices? If it’s supposed to be a serious example of the quality we can expect from the paper’s election coverage then I suggest you don’t bother buying it again until after May. Stick to this site or others where more accurate information is freely available and furthermore not merely culled from Conservative leaning sources, as the West Briton‘s appear to be.


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