North Cornwall constituency update #1: Orlando Kimber for MK

I was both wrong and right about North Cornwall. Wrong in that I predicted another Independent would declare his candidacy in January. But right because he has, but is standing under the MK label rather than as an Independent. Is this the first time a leading member of the CPRE in Cornwall has stood for MK?

Orlando is seeking YOUR vote
Orlando is seeking YOUR vote

Orlando Kimber, from Bodmin, and whose partner is related to the grandfather of the Cornish Revival, Henry Jenner, has a career profile not dissimilar to many MPs and neo-liberal party candidates, with over 35 years experience as a managing director and marketing consultant in the UK and overseas, advising media, technology and energy companies. He has a ‘particular interest in helping companies make more money, avoid wasting cash and enabling people to have more joy in their work‘. He also has an interest more recently in campaigning for a more ‘common sense’ approach to housing in Cornwall, rejecting the developer-led strategy that passes for planning at Lys Kernow.

This now means that MK has candidates in place for all six Cornish seats. In fact, this makes it the first party in the UK to have completed its full slate of candidates in the area it contests. And in Cornwall, it’s beaten the Labour party to it, as they’ve still not chosen candidates for the two eastern constituencies. Although, unlike Labour, MK will be denied a party political broadcast unless it stands in another 90 or so seats across England. Did someone mention freedom of speech this weekend?


2 thoughts on “North Cornwall constituency update #1: Orlando Kimber for MK

  1. Yes, it had Amanda. And so had the Tories, Lib Dems and Ukip. If you read the last para again you’ll see the point I was making is that MK is the first party in the UK to have candidates selected for all the possible seats in the territory it contests. For MK this is Cornwall; for the Greens it’s England, Wales and Cornwall. And at the last count the Green Party had 307 candidates in place for the 573 seats in England, Wales and Cornwall, just over half.


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