The Euro election: who were the big spenders?

The Electoral Commission has released campaign expenditure details for the Euro-election earlier this year. How effective was party spending? Who got the biggest bang for their bucks? Here’s a table of spending and votes won.

Spending (£s) Votes Votes per £ spent
Labour 1,027,339 4,020,646 3.91
Greens 534,249 1,255,573 2.35
Ukip 2,956,737 4,376,635 1.48
SNP 267,372 389,503 1.46
Conservatives 2,980,815 3,792,559 1.27
Liberal Democrats 1,580,575 1,087,633 0.69

In terms of spending efficiency Labour were the clear winners and will be hoping that they get three times as many votes for every £1 spent when next May comes around. The Greens were the second most efficient spenders.

For comparison, in 2009 MK spent £13,886 on the euro election of that year and got 14,922 votes in return. That’s 1.04 votes per £1 spent, a lower return than all the bigger parties in 2014 apart from the Lib Dems. Although it’s £1.56 a vote if we allow for the loss of the £5,000 deposit, unfairly taken from MK because it didn’t reach the quota for the whole constituency.


2 thoughts on “The Euro election: who were the big spenders?

  1. In terms of the mention of MK in the last paragraph, the £13,886 spent in 2009 included the £5,000 deposit. You may recall this was unfairly not returned to MK because, even though we polled 7% in Cornwall, we were unable to poll over 2.5% across the whole constituency. Using the figure of £8,886 would be fairer!


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